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Intel exports in Israel plunge to $4.1B

Intel Israel’s exports, currently posted an 11% of the country’s high-tech exports, which will increase on the upgrades of the Kiryat Gat fab. 

Its exports went down to $4.1 billion in the previous year, suggesting an 11% of Israel’s high-tech exports mainly industry and services. In 2014, export sales announced a $4.25 billion in which according to the company, declined sales were led by concerns over a slowdown in production as part of the upgrades of the new fab. The company invested a $6 billion in the upgrade of its Kiryat Gat fab, once it has been completed, an occurrence of another set of Israel’s export is anticipated. 

Intel Israel fabs manager Daniel Benatar said, "70% of the exports are based on our fabs," He added, "The Kiryat Gat fab, which is currently undergoing a technological upgrade, is one of Intels outstanding fabs worldwide. Because of its production, Intel Israel makes a healthy contribution to Israeli exports."


"Intel Israels fabs make a substantial contribution to the Israeli economy, and the exports by Intel are critical for the Israeli economy," Intel Israel CEO Maxine Fassberg said. "Since its founding 42 years ago, the company has exported $44 billion. That is an enormous sum, which affects Israels economy growth and the people living here every year."

To commit a development in Israel’s outlying areas, along with fostering the economic and employment anchors, Fassberg added, "A major plant like Intel in Kiryat Gat is extremely significant. We employ 3,000 workers, half of whom live in the south. We work with 1,000 suppliers, most of them local. An entire industrial zone has developed around the fab, including large companies that migrated south in the wake of Intel. This anchor should be preserved, while at the same time developing regulation to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to grow, especially in the outlying areas."

According to the year published of Intel Israel, 400 employees were added in their development centers in Haifa, Jerusalem, and in the central region. The new recruits enabled the company to form and expand special development teams, which led to a several global Intel’s leading technologies, like perceptual computing, as well as cloud computing, big data, computer vision, and the Internet of Things.   


Intel recently recruit a substantial number of top talent employees set by other high-tech companies, like AMD, Marvell Technology Group, and Qualcomm. It has acquired the Lantiq Israel’s development activity. The company’s personnel recruitment suggests diversity in employment and promotes women as 27% were recruited. It resulted to a progressive word of mouth campaign incentives. McAfee employees acquired by the global Intel this year, which is now an employee of Intel Israel, enabled to continue development of advanced cyber technologies. 

Intel Israel development center manager Ran Sandrovich said, "2015 was an excellent year in all matter pertaining to employee recruitment," He added, "Intel Israels development teams continue to excel in innovation and breakthroughs in an ever-widening span of technologies. We are speeding up the development of processors, adding senses and insight to them, and connecting them to people and devices in order to create an amazing experience. One of the main products launched this year was a 6G processor of the core family, which was mostly developed in Israel."

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