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Airbus, Boeing witness politics makes business in China

Political leaders of China recognized aerospace as one of 10 key industries in the country’s mission to aim for a progressive industrialized nation. An annual legislative session was held last week, and its potential rival, Western planemakers are supporting them to reach that goal. 

On Wednesday, the Airbus Group SE’s wide-body A330 jets will break ground on a finishing center in Tianjin, near Beijing, a decade after an assembly plant is operated for single-aisle planes. Meanwhile, the Chicago-based Beoing Co. is as well searching for a plane-completion facility in China.      

The plants that started operating in China have become the largest aerospace and air-travel market globally over two decades, which suggests as a political alike with an economic decision. One aspect is proximity to customers: Every year, the Chinese airlines are ordering over billions of dollars of planes mainly from Airbus and Boeing. Moreover, a few assembly is done locally to ease the strain on the prevailing facilities of the planemakers.   


The Washington-based associate director of Rand Corp.’s Center for Asia Pacific Policy Scott Harold said, "It’s absolutely undeniable there’s been a communication of Chinese expectations for companies to build in China, to provide jobs in China, that they will be treated less equitably otherwise," He added, "If you build in China, you’re a ‘friend’ of China."

Aerospace was considered as one of 10 sectors eyed in the blueprint of "Made in China 2025" issued during a meeting of the National People’s Congress in the previous year. In order to expand their local footprints, China has courted the foreign planemakers. Moreover, Airbus and Boeing are a joint venture of China’s Aviation Industry Corp, or AVIC, and it supplies aircraft parts. 

The collaboration and the joint ventures of Airbus with Chinese partners amounted near $500 million in the previous year, and Fabrice Bregier, the Chief Executive officer often gives highlights of what the company places on the market of China.   

According to Boeing, over $1 billion is contributed annually over its activities in China, supply procurement, revenues of joint-venture, operations, training and research and development investment.


A Beijing-based spokesman for Boeing Wang Yukui said, "Boeing and China have a long-term partnership, and we will continue to broaden and deepen this relationship,"

Aircraft orders

Thus, Airbus and Boeing were showered by China’s aircraft orders, along with a Monday deal with Air China Ltd. for 12 A330-300s amounting about $2.9 billion. According to the data, Chinese airlines, including leasing firms issued orders for about 780 planes in the previous year, worth $102 billion. Boeing said that for over the next two decades, carriers of China will propose 6,330 new planes, valuing at $950 billion – a total of 17 percent worldwide. 

Tianjin’s new Airbus center was announced in the previous year, with orders threading for its current A330. The said orders will serve as supporters of the firm to refrain from deep production cuts, as its transitions is anticipated to restore model with new engines.   

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