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Apple to Leave Amazon Web Services for Own Data Centers?

Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak believes that Apple is on the point of drawing down its reliance, or altogether, leaving, Amazon Web Services in favor of an in-house solution, though the change might take two years

Nowak, who covers Amazon for Morgan Stanley, cites fellow Apple analyst Katy Huberty in a recent note to investors, saying Apples capital expenditures outlay suggests a decreased dependence  on Amazons AWS cloud computing network, according to reports. 

"We believe this build is a signal that Apple is increasingly likely to move away from AWS in the next 18-24 months," Nowak stated.

Culling data from Apples quarterly earnings report, out last Tuesday, Huberty points to a 30%  YoY jump in capex development for 2016. Throughout last weeks investor conference call, Apple CFO Luca Maestri exposed new data centers play a main factor in this coming years development.

"Then weve got data centers," Maestri said. "And data centers is a growing expenditure for us, because as we mentioned in our prepared remarks, our install base of customers and devices is growing, and its growing very significantly. And the data center capacity that we put in place is to provide the services that are tied to the install base." 


Apple recently has ideas to open three data centers over the next two years, including a $2 billion "global command center” at the site of its failed sapphire production facility in Mesa, Arizona. Additional 1.7 billion euros will be used up on two data centers in Ireland and Denmark to serve to serve European customers.

Altogether, Huberty estimates Apple to be constructing about 2.5 million square-feet of data center space for iCloud, iTunes and supporting services.  In comparison, AWS bragged 6.7 million square feet in data center capacity at the end of 2015.

A distance from AWS could save Apple billions of dollars, as Huberty estimates the company to have used up some $1 billion on data center operations the previous year, as well as fees to Amazon. Morgan Stanley forecasts Apple to pay AWS a respective $1.05 billion and $1.18 billion in data center fees, for 2016 and 2017.

Google Beats Apple As Worlds Most Valuable Company

Google umbrella company Alphabet taken Apple as the most valued company worldwide on Monday in after hours trading, after defeating Wall Street anticipations for the fourth quarter of 2015,

For the fourth quarter, Alphabet gathered in $21.3 billion in total sales and adjusted profits of $8.67 for every Class per share, the firm stated in a prepared statement. Total sales were up 18 YoY, whereas advertising income was up 17%  for the same period. 

Shares jumped after Alphabets declaration, increasing 1.22%  to hit $752 per share in normal trading with a market capitalization of $517.17 billion. The stock kept increasing after the bell, at one point moving $813 per share, carrying its market cap up to $559.13 billion. Apple finished the day down at $96.43 with a market capitalization of $538.7 billion.

Alphabet is seeing a renaissance in development as its advertising business made big earning this quarter.

The companys services division also saw the wider adoption, including Gmail, that passed one billion users in quarter four. “Under the Alphabet umbrella, Googles "moonshot" projects" — Wi-Fi balloons, self-driving cars, glucose-reading contact lenses, human longevity — saw advancements, but cost the firm more than $3.56 billion over the last three months of 2015,” according to the reports.

Apple, temporarily, is retreating after being the worlds most valuable company for more than three years. The iPhone maker gotten the position in 2011 and throughout most of 2012 before being unseated by Exxon in 2013. Apple retook the lead later that year. 

In spite of bringing in profits of $75.9 billion in a record-breaking first quarter, Apple stock is shedding value amid iPhone progress concerns and quickly lessening iPad sales. For the recent quarter, Apple anticipates YoY iPhone unit sales to decrease for the first time since the handset release in 2007.

As of this moment, Alphabet is trading up  over  5 percent  at a market cap that will make it the worlds most valued company if those gains hold through to the opening bell tomorrow.


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