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Trade12 allows clients to choose from over 250 available trading instruments. Moreover, there are several bonuses offered by Trade12  to help traders reach their maximum profit potential.

100% Bonus on Initial Deposit

Trade12 offers a 100% bonus on your initial investment. With this great benefit, our company doubles your investment. Fund a  minimum of $250 on your live account and Trade12 will provide you with another $250, giving you a greater opportunity in the market.

Free First Three Trades

Your first three trades with Trade12 are free. To give  you a chance to get the feel of online trading, our company gives you a chance to execute your first three trades for free and you can get your full initial investment back if you decide to close your account after three deals.

Low & Tight Spreads with No Requotes

Trade12’s ECN execution secures the lowest possible floating spread price for traders.

Flexible Leverage

Trade12 offers a flexible range of leverage depending on the account type chosen. Our company offers a leverage of up to 400:1.


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