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Amazon brick-and mortar launches in San Diego

According to reports, Amazon’s second brick-and-mortar will launch this summer in San Diego. 

It suggests that the bookstore’s final sign has been just a “sign.” Meanwhile, a signage at the University Towne Center Mall construction in the country reads, "Coming this summer — Amazon books." 

In the previous month, job listings across the country that are searching for booksellers as well as store managers, has informed watchers as the company aims to make available of a physical bookstore in the region. 


A spokeswoman of Amazon Sarah Gelman has finally confirmed that Amazon Books in the country will be officially an Amazon bookstore.

During an earnings call, Sandeep Mathrani, a mall operator at General Growth Properties said that Amazon is planning to open about 300 to 400 brick-and-mortar bookstore nationwide. Thus, after the announcement, it remained relevant. Amazon refrain from giving comments towards the report, which is said to be dubbed "rumors and speculation". Mathrani, who first stood by, later denied his claims.   

With the speculations, Amazon’s brick-and-mortar footprint is currently expanding. It’s ironic as the giant online retailer is essentially credited with fueling a major crisis over brick-and-mortar bookselling, as well as the national retailer, Borders Book and Music’s downfall.     

Amazon’s first physical bookstore is in Seattle, and San Diego will be its second. It appears that both areas have a few similarities.

Amazon Bookstore in Seattle’s University Village mall launched last November, and sells over 5,000 books in the 7,400 square-foot space.

In the previous month, there’s a speculation that the company’s retail presence is expected to expand even larger. The CEO of the largest mall operator stated that the Amazon has plans on opening about 400 new retail stores.  


Furthermore, the San Deigo Union Tribune announced, "Located at 4545 La Jolla Village Drive, Westfield UTC is an upscale, outdoor shopping mall that matches the style and retailers of University Village, the Seattle-area mall where Amazon opened its first bookstore. That location, which opened its doors in November, spans 7,500 square feet, with approximately 5,500 square feet of retail space."

The San Diego mall is not run by General Growth Properties of Mathrani. Therefore, Amazon Books are anticipated to locate next to a Tesla Store and Apple Store across the path.  

Amazon’s physical bookstore in Seattle does not only sells, rather it includes printing of books on paper, as well as different types of electronic devices. Aside from the online retailer’s Kindle e-readers and tablets, it also sells Amazon’s Echo -  a wireless speaker and voice-controlled flexible device.   

As Amazon’s second bookstore will be located across from an Apple Store in the country, it suggests that the company aims to propose a comparison shopping. 

San Diego’s Amazon Books’ neighbors might be a Barnes & Noble, that is established in a mall nearby.

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