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Saturna Capital Sell SanDisk Shares

According to its latest Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Saturna Capital lessens its stake in SanDisk 0.1 percent during the 3rd quarter. 

The hedge fund have possession of 370,500 dividends of the data storage provider’s stock after selling 313 shares during the period. 

Saturna Capital possessed 0.18 percent of SanDisk worth $20,129,000 at the completion of the latest reporting period.

On Tuesday, shares of SanDisk Co. opened at 75.33. The company has a market funding of $15.12 billion and a price-to-earnings percentage of 36.41. SanDisk company’s 50-day moving average is $75.60 and its 200 day moving average is $63.46. SanDisk Co. has a 12 month low of $44.28 and a 12 month high of $101.87.

On Wednesday, October 21st is SanDisk last released of its quarterly earnings results. The data storage provider reported $1.09 earnings per share for the quarter, defeating experts consensus assessments of $0.80 by $0.29. The business posted $1.45 earning per share, during the same quarter in the previous year. Compared to the agreement estimate of $1.40 billion, the company earned $1.45 billion during the quarter. The company’s quarterly income was decline 16.8 percent on a YoY basis. Generally, equity research experts anticipate that SanDisk Company  will post $3.24 incomes per share for the recent year.

A number of research companies have just weighed in on SNDK. In a research report on Sunday, October 25th, Nomura repeated a “neutral” rating and made public a $86.00 price target on shares of SanDisk. In a research report on October 26th, Vetr  raised shares of SanDisk from a “sell” rating to a “hold” rating and set a $75.07 price objective for the company.

In a research report on October 27, Zacks Investment Research raised shares of SanDisk from a “sell” ranking to a “hold” ranking.  B. Riley downgraded shares of SanDisk to a “neutral” rating and set a $86.00 price objective for the company, on the same date. 


In a research report on October 22, Piper Jaffray, finally downgraded shares of SanDisk from an “overweight” rating to “neutral” rating and increased their target amount for the company from $69.00 to  $86.50. Two equities research experts have ranked the stock with a sell rating, twenty-four have issued a hold rating and eleven have assigned a buy rating to the stock. SanDisk has an average rating of “Hold” and a consent target price of $74.47.

SanDisk Corporation offers flash storage solutions. The Company, develops, designs and manufactures data storage solutions in a selection of form factors using flash memory, controller, firmware and software technologies. The Company’s solutions consist of a variety of solid state drives embedded products,  universal serial bus (USB),  wireless media drives, drives ,digital media players, removable cards, and wafers and components. The Solid State Drives products are used in enterprise data centers and client computing platforms. Its entrenched flash products are used in, tablets, mobile phones, computing platforms, automobiles and imaging devices. The Company’s removable cards are used in a variety of applications, for instance mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices, digital cameras, automobiles and personal computers. It also offers software solutions, which are used in conjunction with flash storage products.

ING Groep Purchase Shares of SanDisk. Co

ING Groep elevated its position in shares of SanDisk 285.2% during the 3rd quarter, according to the report.

The hedge fund possessed 2,068,658 shares of the data storage provider’s stock after purchasing an extra 1,531,618 shares during the period. 

SanDisk makes up just about 0.8 percent of ING Groep’s portfolio, making the stock its 22nd biggest position. ING Groep owned almost 1.03 percent of SanDisk worth $112,390,000 as of its most current filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission


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