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Amazon’s New Cable Store Work as an Online Marketplace

The other day, Comcast Corporation declared that the company’s internet, home phone services, and Xfinity TV, are now accessible on Inc. Amazon’s new cable store work as an online marketplace, and Amazon has set up a dedicated customer service team to help customers every step of the way.

Comcast expects the new project will totally change customer experience, and has made all of its 30-plus Xfinity goods and services available on Amazon’s website.

Comcast Cable Executive VP of Customer Experience Charlie Herrin recognized the sheer size and scale of Amazon’s operations, and also called Amazon “a brand that’s unrivaled when it comes to customer service." He added,“He believes Amazon’s new service is an “immersive” way to display Comcast products, which include the Xfinity X1, “ according to the report.

Comcast believes it is giving simple prices, coupled with an easy ordering system through The prices on is not different from those offered with Comcast’s current sales channels. Customers who buy Xfinity products at Amazon can also get support from Comcast customer service agents. Consumers can take benefit of Comcast’s call center agents, who handle all kinds of customer service dealings like sales, billing, installation, and follow-up. Comcast cited its call centers in Tucson, Washington, and Spokane are part of the initiative.


The cable store page on Amazon connect users to other pages having specific packages. However, not all Xfinity plans are offered in all areas. To buy a Comcast service, users simply have to choose the package and equipment they want, complete a credit check, and schedule an installation. TV programming packages can be bought in pre-bundled listings of local broadcast channels, accompanied with the number of base channels predetermined by the firm.

Consumers can select plans spanning Premium Entertainment, Family Channels and Specialty Channels categories, Sports Channels and so they have the chance to select plans based on their financial plan. An example is Internet Plus 25, a Low-cost plan costing $54.95 for the first year, which does not give ESPN.

Amazon’s huge reach is guaranteed to benefit Comcast even as the biggest cable TV service in the US.

For Amazon, it adds extra product to the range of services it deals through its online marketplace. It may even take into consideration partnering with Comcast in the long term. Amazon’s Prime streaming service could finally give a live streaming plan in tandem with Comcast, assisting Amazon suitably reach out to Comcast Internet subscribers.

Amazon is always discovering new undertakings, and a delivery drones and physical bookstore, are just two of the sections of its portfolio. The current choice could support the two companies increase customer communication, while streamlining the sales process as well. Customers can easily relate contract terms based on ZIP codes and other selections. Although this is excellent, it remains to be seen whether this will help increase sales for Comcast’s Infinity products.


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