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Cisco FirePower next-generation firewall advances

Cisco’s security portfolio has improved, as well as new appliances were rolled out, including a management console, which upgraded its FirePower next-generation firewall. According to the company, the system aims for a “fully integrated [and] threat-focused." The advancement of the next-generation firewall rise above towards the traditional application visibility and control, and be able to utilize the capabilities like reputation-based URL filtering and next-generation intrusion prevention in order to attain the best malware protection.            

Cisco focuses on boosting its foothold between companies that works relative in the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), including virtual environments. In order to attain business goals, mobile endpoints can be used as well. In addition, the company’s next-generation firewall is expected to retooled, along with an integrated management console – a 4100 series of appliances made for "high-performance applications" and a Security Segmentation Service that is newly made. Its main function is to consult and provide an advisory arrangement in order for the organization to practice a better guide in terms of security protocols. 


Cisco’s senior vice president and general manager in security business group David Goeckeler said, "Attackers are getting bolder and coordinating their efforts. The Cisco next-generation firewall acts as a unifying platform, integrating Cisco and third-party security solutions for increased correlation and context," He added, "The result is better protection, and faster detection and response to advanced threats."

DevOps and security skills become valuable

A survey from research firms stated that DevOps and security skills employees are growing valuable in enterprises. DevOps skills market value rallied over 7% in the previous year, brought by firms, which rushed in searching for a personnel that is proficient. In 2015, the market value of security personnel surges nearly 6%. According to the research firms, the maturity of the security engineers exceeded, along with the vast pace and scope of attacks that demands more experience. However, the bad new is hackers are able to find alternative ways on how to penetrate the network defenses.  

Researchers announced, "In 2016, I think employers are going to become much more aware that they dont have the right people in their security departments,"

Analysts recognized a few IT job trends which were anticipated with a strong growth for engineers that has experience with cloud, including big data, Six Sigma and network design. 

Over 2,815 public and private North American employers were surveyed, while 218,101 IT professionals were evaluated. The market value of the 395 IT certifications boosts between 11 straight quarters, according to researchers. However, with just a short period of time amid the year-end of 2015, the value of 440 common, but are noncertified IT skills nearly jolted, researchers stated.

Global mobile traffic expands about 74% 


In 2015, global mobile data traffic rallied 74%, led by massive count on mobile devices, as well as video and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

However, the growth results posted lower compared to what is anticipated, according to Cisco’s annual global mobile traffic estimate. Its mobile traffic is expected to increase over the next four years, posting higher from 3.7 PB per month to 30.6 PB per month in 2020.

Cisco said, "The number of mobile subscribers is growing rapidly, and bandwidth demand for data and video is increasing,"

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