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Boeing Plan To Cutback Jobs

Boeing stated it plans to cutback management jobs, as part of cost-cutting effort to compete better against Airbus and deals with increasing competition.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Chief Executive Ray Conner announced the proposal during a wide-ranging internal presentation, through a company wide webcast on Wednesday.

Mr. Conner spoke with sincerity to employees during the occasion regarding his concerns about Boeing’s  loss of market share to rival Airbus Group SE and emerging players.

Mr. Conner told the participants  that he required the company to make a choice regarding developing an all new jetliner as early as this year, as a path back to recovering lost share to Airbus.

Boeing completes the webcast and stated it would use attrition and voluntary dismissals. “We will start reducing employment levels beginning with executives and managers first,” stated by  the spokesperson. “The overall employment impact will depend on how effectively we bring down costs as a whole.”


Boeing’s top management has long sounded a positive assessment of its future, however, Mr. Conner, a Boeing employee since 1977, was labeled as “anguished” during the appearance, as stated by some of those present, “lamenting the market dynamics and the company’s competitive position relative to Airbus,” according to sources.

A Boeing representative said Mr. Conner’s “passion to win was clear and was entirely positive about our ability to meet and surpass the challenge.”

Boeing has been considering developing an all-new jet in current years that would be bigger than its largest  single-aisle jet, however, smaller than its 787 Dreamliner. Different ideas have been measured ranging from a derivative of a current product all the way to a completely new design. Mr. Conner’s first choice, an important vote in deciding the company’s strategic future, is toward an all-new aircraft, according to reports.

In the short term, he told the staffs that customer feedback had recognized executive management as a basis of cuts to decrease costs. The people stated executive cutback were the first step, and could increase to salaried employees, adding that its unions had by now agreed to start voluntary layoffs.

Airbus,  was established in 1970, has slowly chipped away  at 99-year-old Boeing’s dominance selling jetliners to the world’s airlines. On its next-generation single-aisle jets, in spite of having approximately 3,100 to build, Boeing trails Airbus by over 1,300 orders.

Mr. Conner spoke of its European competitor undercutting its products on price, despite what Boeing claims is an edge in performance. Airbus is proposing prices for its 220-seat single-aisle jet equal to a Boeing model that seats 30 fewer passengers. The same was true of its twin-aisle A350 jetliner, priced lower than Boeing’s advanced 787 Dreamliner, a source stated.

“I wouldn’t agree that we’re offering our products for lower prices than Boeing,” said Simon Pickup, Airbus director of strategic marketing at an industry event outside of Seattle.


Employment has declined as the company sent work to other states and countries, improved engineering talent around the globe and stepped up automation and lean manufacturing.

On Wednesday, Boeing stock drops 1.2% to $116.36 on the New York Stock Exchange.

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