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The Perks of Amazon Prime For Only $67 Inc. is the largest internet-based seller located in the United States. It is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing  company headquartered in Seattle,Washington.

To celebrate its Emmy winning program “Transparent,” Amazon will be offering a one year prime membership discount (-0.43%) on Friday. From the regular price of $99, users can now avail the service for $67. This one-day offer will be available for new members, who will be visiting to sign up.

Amazon Vice President of Digital Video Michael Paul said, “We are thrilled to celebrate Transparent with our customers by offering a Prime discount.”

People who do not have an Amazon Prime membership yet might be wondering if they should jump into this discounted offer. To make it easier to decide, here are the perks of a Prime membership: unlimited streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies, free access to more than one million songs via Amazon Music, free access to roughly 500,000 Kindle titles, two-day free shipping on thousands of items, free same-day delivery for people in certain zip codes, as well as unlimited photo storage and 5G of free storage for videos and other files.


This is a very attractive offer, especially because Amazon typically offers good value on its products and services. The membership can be worth the price if every member of the family shares the service and if all features are used.

Most valued customers’ main concern is the free shipping. The reason for this is because this offer of Prime membership provides a two-day free shipping and free same-day delivery for some items that are over $35 in fourteen cities. The members need to order items in the afternoon and the one day delivery starts at $2.99.

Keith Anderson, the vice president of strategy & insights for e-commerce data analytics firm Profitero said, “It’s the market-leading option for diffusing the cost of shipping if you order a lot of items.”

In addition, Amazon also provides the non-Prime members free delivery on their orders with a minimum of $35.00 for any qualifying supply and “by the card” shipping is quite rational. This Amazon Prime shipping is really beneficial and will be good for the budget, especially for those who want fast delivery and for those who purchase once or twice a month that are below $35.00. However, for those who do not shop that much on Amazon, but make big purchases and do not rush the delivery of their items, this offer is not as exciting and convincing, particularly because most e-commerce suppliers are  now offering free delivery service.

The added bonus will be the music, movies and book they are offering. Prime free music library has more than a million songs that users can listen to. Meanwhile, for music lovers who want streaming options with more important offerings like Spotify, which has over 30 million songs, this will cost only $9.99 per month.

Amazon’s movie library and free streaming TV have lots of options and it includes plenty of popular shows. New and original contents are always being added, but most customers prefer Netflis, which can be availed for just $7.99 per month but with more and better choices. To add to that, they have other options for television streaming, which are being introduced most of the time and for affordable prices.

For the kindle book options, the avid readers might be disappointed because they don’t  always have new releases, so your favorites might not be included.


The Amazon Prime Offer is really a good choice for those who are looking for fast delivery and reasonable price products with other benefits included. For those who feel that Prime membership is the right choice for you, you need to be mindful of buying more than you otherwise would because it’s so easy to do.

To add to that, never overpay for the benefits you can get from Amazon Prime. Students can also get free two-day delivery for six months when they sign up for Amazon Student and then upgrade their membership to Prime for half off after that.

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