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Mickey D’s big surprise for Sweden customers

Take a bite

French fries and burgers partnered with cold drinks or hot coffee are the best snacks any time of the day. Everyone gets to enjoy eating it with their group of friends, families and loved ones. The best part is, it suits for everybody.

One of the biggest fast food chains in the world is McDonald’s, operating and serving approximately 69 million customers everyday.


Fast-food ranking

McDonald’s company has been ranked on the top last August 2014, which had gained more than $35,800 system-wide sales with over 12,700 number of franchised units. The service has been fast-growing in the food industry and the company has currently experienced threats that could possibly take away its throne.

Furthermore, it has been continuously battling with other rivals and maintains its goal and consistency due to a strong demand.

Is cheap service too mainstream for fast-foods?

Common problems encountered by most customers are the long queue at the counter. Rush hours are the most unsatisfying, due to the great number of customers. In terms of consumer behavior, seeing a long queue can lead to disappointments and just consider leaving and move to another fast food restaurant with shorter lines.

For franchise managers, this reason puts the company with negative feedbacks aside from substandard product menus, which can possibly affect the branch itself. A survey on regular consumers was conducted wherein participants were asked what they consider when it comes to fast food chains. Here are the results: fast service, cleanliness and approachable crew.

With these never ending issues, McDonald’s has planned an excellent way of satisfying and reaching its customer demands.

Innovative service

McDonald’s is now open for table bookings and is dealing for beneficial silver service in Sweden. How does this really work? This might have been the best advanced system announced by a fast food restaurant.

There are no more long queues whenever you’re craving for your favorite snacks—just book for your desired table, take orders on where you are seated, and sit back, enjoy your meal. No more long waits and disappointments.

Big news from Sweden

McDonald’s has announced it’s wise move to serve only breakfast all day long next month. They will be serving McMuffins, hash browns and the breakfast favorites menu.

They have been doing this before with a free breakfast, but with only a specific of time. Now, they’re doing this for the WHOLE DAY! The big and exciting news will officially begin on the 6th of October.

Talking about Mickey D’s great newsflash, some thought of it as overhyped. However, the company is just exploring new things to see its success.

Loyal customers were jumping on their happiness as it was announced and even the Wall Street have nodded and have shown appreciation, as investors have pushed McDonald’s stocks to hit higher when it was declared on Sept. 2.

However, with this huge operational change for the company, its rivals continue to compete with them.

Starbucks and Mickey D’s friendly competition

If McDonald’s offers breakfast for the whole day, then the Starbucks brand identity of coffee breakers will definitely change.

Starbucks has recently offered its “Starbucks Evenings,” wherein they will serve a different menu of wine, beer, and a small plated that is now operating at selected Starbucks in the United States and United Kingdom markets.

Both companies are planning to take on a different track, changing their brand identity and making it a one-stop shop by expanding their menu with hopes of catching customers attention from the start of the day until later in the evening.

However, McDonald’s will limit its margin breakfast offered menu throughout the day and could possibly be unable to reach the expected payoff. In order to keep up with the strong competition, Mickey D’s could try its rival’s strategy dubbed the “Starbucks’ playbook”. 


Applying the rival’s strategy

McDonald’s has put their foot on Starbucks’ shoes before with the launching of the McCafé platform. It has brought higher-margin products in the menu, giving Starbuck’s customers the option to have their coffee break on a much cheaper shop.

On the other hand, Mickey D’s “All Day Breakfast” doesn’t seem to boost larger profits than the launching of McCafé before.

Whether Mickey D’s will launch its “All Day Breakfast” or relaunch its “McCafé”, it will surely gain sales and will attract even more customers. If you want to earn profits while having coffee breaks, you can open a live account at and check out our Trade12 reviews and analysis of market events to make good trading decisions!




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