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Raymond James restated “Hold” rating on HPQ

Hewlett-Packard Company was given a “Hold” rating at Raymond James on Monday. 

Many research companies weighed in on HPQ as well. Bank of America reassigned a rating of neutral and set a price objective of $18.00 on November 2nd. Barclays lifted an underweight rating into an equal weight rating and downgrade their price objective from $26.00 to $14.00 on November 4th. Citigroup Inc. lowered their buy rating to neutral on November 3rd. JPMorgan Chase & Co. downgrade an overweight rating to neutral and issued a price objective from $31.00 to $14.00 on November 4th. Lastly, Sanford C. Bernstein started coverage on HPQ on November 3rd. The stock was assigned an outperform rating. One analysts of which gave a sell rating on company share, nineteen stated a rating of hold, twelve gave a rating of buy, and one has assigned a strong buy. The average rating of the firm posted a Hold rating, along with an average price objective of $23.14. 


Company shares of HPQ declined 4.61% on Monday session and settled at $10.77, with a trading volume amounting to 25,073,605 shares. It posted a $12.32 on its 50-day moving average and a $12.92 on 200-day moving average. The market cap of the firm stands at $19.30 billion, along with a 4.34 PE ratio. Moreover, it registered a $10.72 on its 12-month low, while an $18.66 to 12-month high.

The financial earnings report of HPQ was currently issued on November 24th. It posted its quarterly earnings per share of $0.93, topping the expected estimate of $0.44 by $0.49. Moreover, its quarterly revenue registered $25.71 billion, not meeting the expected estimate of $12.84 billion. Amid the same period prior year, it has earned an earnings per share of $1.06. However, its quarterly revenue appears to decline 9.5%, compared to the same quarter prior year. On average, analysts are anticipating HPQ to post an earnings per share of $1.77 for the current fiscal year. 

Its dividend for the quarter was recently issued and was paid on January 6th. Shareholders of record on December 9th were issued a dividend of $0.124. The ex-dividend date was December 7th. It appears that a dividend on annual basis settled at $0.50, and a 4.61% dividend yield. 


On the December 2nd transaction, Director Rajiv Gupta acquired 80,000 shares of HPQ. The average price of the acquired shares stands at $12.00 per share, with a total value of $960,000.00. After the acquisition, the director currently owns 105,766 shares worth $1,269,192. The transaction was disclosed in a Form 4 Filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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