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Jobs Report and the Bank of America Stock

According to surveys, the Bureau of Statistics reported an increase of about 211,000 jobs compared to the 200,000 consensus estimate. Along with an uptick for the month of November, the government issued reports on September and October jobs data which also rallied.

Moreover, the rate of unemployment remained flat at 5%. Wall Street analysts suggest that it is a positive sign that jobs data are becoming significantly stronger. The findings are regarded as another milestone in accomplishing the Fed’s targets.

As the report was released with enthusiasm, a reflected movement was witnessed in the stock price yesterday. Major banks recovered from losses on Thursday and posted gains in pre-market trading sessions after the announcement.


Market results on October were tough, however, the November month is quite alarming. Many believed that the economy had taken away the concerns of the central bank, setting aside its inflation. The government is able to envision a growing economy, though it will remain at a steady pace, but sufficient in meeting objectives.

Regardless of the positive labor market, many still believed that the Fed will not concentrate on inflation and will remain low until the unemployment rate significantly drops. Given the recent acceleration of wages, inflation is anticipated to make slow movements and plenty of time is needed to improve the momentum.

Basically, when an economy grows, the inflation follows. If there’s a raise amid a slight increase in the short-term rate, the real interest rate can possibly be lowered. On the other hand, if wages and inflation will both increase, the market will determine that the Fed is behind the curve.

After the labor market data, the JPMorgan New York’s Chief U.S. economist along with a former economist of the Fed Michael Feroli said, "There has been a risk theyd be behind the curve, this report may add slightly to that perception."

The US yield curve remained low, which suggests increasing anticipations of a lift-off in December. As major economies are on pace for monetary easing, the US government is heading for a policy tightening. Considering another fact that investors are transferring cash into long-term bonds, the yields of short-term bonds for two years are moving faster compared to a 10-year note. Therefore, a flat yield curve is the main result.

As the Fed is said to be behind the curve, if inflation will increase faster, the accelerating tightening cycle is anticipated to increase as well. Thus, the curve will comprise of a different price, allowing the steep to increase.  


Many believe that the Fed has been persistent in order for the job market to gain its momentum, because then it is easier to hit the 2% target for inflation. As the Federal Reserve is waving a slow increase in the short-term rates, investors are anticipating an aggressive approach after the hike. An increase in rates are expected to occur frequently in the following year.

Furthermore, banks which are improved mainly from lift-off rates, a steep yield curve will mostly give benefit to their net interest margin. Banks usually borrow from short-term markets and lend in the long-term. Considering a steep yield curve, longer-term rates are settled to be higher compared to the short-term. Moreover, foreign banks that run in the US will mostly benefit from the increased yields in US bills. Along with the large cap banks, many believe that Bank of America Corp is in good position to acquire good top and bottom line results.

Banks that are gaining more are those banks that comprise of more deposits, compared to bank loans and greater asset sensitivity. The bank’s stock price movement is regarded as an investor’s greatest indicator of sentiment. The stock is seen in the market as the safest bet in an increase rate. In the case of the recent December lift-off development, company shares of the Bank of America showed a positive position.

Considering the bullish movement, BAC is anticipated to make near-term gains. Analysts are expecting a penetration after a 52-week high of $18.48 to drag the stock price higher and hit $20 and $25. Other reports stated that 27 out of 40 analysts issued a Buy rating, while nine restated a rating of Hold. The average price objective for 12 months on the stock stands at $19.

As jobs report on Bank of America is bringing positive results, tons of investors will likely watch out for signals about this company’s stock. You too can earn bigger profits and execute better trades here at Trade12 by reading the latest market updates on our official website, Striving to become the best forex broker for you, Trade12 reviews daily market events essential to your trading activities to help you develop a keen understanding of certain trends involving stocks, currencies, indices, commodities, and metals. With all the positive Trade12 feedback from clients, you will be assured that your trading account is safe and secured.

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