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GE announces closure delays on Fort Edward plant

General Electric Co (GE) announced on Thursday that a single worker will remain at the Fort Edward plant after all employees and staffs leaves in April. 

The company again issued an amendment notice address to the state, publicizing the GE plant closure.  

The plant will not close officially until the last worker leaves, which is now anticipated to settle on May 31.  

GE had earlier stated that the plant closure is going effective in October 2015. Meanwhile, it told the state that it would be closing on Jan. 23.  

However, the plant remained busy that it had paid a few workers overtime in the following weeks until the closure, and other workers were sent home as there was no work left for them, mainly on their assembly line. 

The minute Jan. 23 came, GE officials had to disclose that they weren’t ready for a closure. In addition, about 20 employees were asked to remain for several more months.   


Thus, the asked workers all agreed to remain on their current contracts. The majority of those workers functions as quality control officers, in which capacitors are monitored in order to assure that the shipments are ready for customers. Meanwhile, their final job is to perform an electrical monitoring on capacitors after they are made in Clearwater, Florida.     

The company’s capacitor production was moved to Clearwater, in which a subsidiary is operating a plant that has been given a substantial tax break in exchange for the employment increase. 

However, moving its factory suggests a more complicated production, as the company has shipped numbers of parts back and forth, and these parts were mainly built in Fort Edward and a few in Clearwater.      

As a result, finished parts done in Clearwater had to be sent back to Fort Edward and rebuilt properly.

In order for the capacitors to remain seated on the floor within weeks, as well as to wait for the materials to be sent back, the items that are still needed at the Fort Edward plant were sent to Clearwater.     

The huge capacitors of GE are moved by a truck, and incurred a heavy cost of shipping.


Upon finishing the final capacitors, workers will start taking apart the equipments. A few will be sent to Clearwater, while other equipment will either be cleaned, sold, or disposed.  

At that point, buildings are being prepared for a closure with longer time. The company aims to maintain its ownership of the PCB-contaminated property, therefore, the buildings need to endure what might be years of vacancy.   

A spokeswoman of Behan Communications Joan Gerhardt, which was a recruit of GE in handling public relations, said, the final worker is anticipated to disclose the buildings and is to perform “final decommissioning activities,”

The said employee is working alone for over six weeks within a complex of buildings after it will be used by about 2,700 employees. 

As the employee locks the doors for the last time, the plant that has operated for 74 years will officially be closed. 

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