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Trade12 is an international brokerage company that offers exceptional trading experience. Our company allows aspiring traders to trade a variety of financial instruments such as commodities, CFD stocks, indices and currencies online in an easy, transparent and satisfying way.

Our company is led by a team of professionals unparalleled experience in the in the field of financial market trading.  Therefore, awarding our clients with an utmost sense of security on their trades.  We take every measure necessary to protect our client’s assets against unauthorized activities. 

Trade12 strives to present traders with the best services by providing reliable and up-to-date news about the market. We offer a sophisticated website which delivers daily market updates, economic calendar, earning reports, fundamental analysis, charts and a variety of tools to help traders reach their maximum profit potential in online trading. 

We are committed to empower our clients by leading our clients to take control of their assets and increase their financial gains.  Our company also prepares great bonuses and trading benefits to enhance our clients’ profit.

Online trading has been greatly influenced by the abrupt advancements in technology. Trade12 is offering a very easy to use MetaTrader4 platform, which is the most popular platform among online traders. MT4 is made available for Computers, Android devices and IOS devices.

Our Mission

Trade12 aims to provide traders with a secure trading environment. Trade12 aims to facilitate a fair and secure world-class trading environment for retail and institutional clients. This will ensure that traders will have peace of mind and attain stability in a high-risk setting. Furthermore, our company is also dedicated to help traders attain their financial goals and have the lifestyle they dream about.

Trading Innovations

Trade dynamics, new economics and advanced corporate supply chains have redefined trade finance. Revenue growth is dependent on margin development and being able to compete on service levels. Profitable growth is, and will always be, a challenge.

Trade12’s operational system capability, transparency, workflow flexibility, and support for a wide range of products are critical for banks seeking to increase revenues from international trade and working capital finance.

Trade12 Limited supports online trading on a single platform (MetaTrader 4) for online retail foreign exchange conjectural traders. Trade12 boosts productivity, broadens product range, and improves client retention using the platform.

Competitive Trading Conditions

Spreads are one of the most significant factors which an investor should consider when choosing a broker. Trade12 concedes this fact, hence the tight spread in all account types we offer. Trade12 provides spreads as low as 2 pips for Silver account, as well as 1 pip for Platinum account. Clients are also granted with lower fees on all of their transactions.

Trade12 also provides leverage in order for our clients to lift their market exposure, and to enable opening positions that surpass their initial investment. We provide leverage as high as 1:400, but before trading with leverage, a trader must have a definite understanding with the possible risks involved when trading with a high leverage ratio.

Understanding that trading on a margin to leverage your investments can amplify not only your profits, but also your losses. Margin Calls and Stop Outs are part of Trade12’s Risk Management strategies to limit clients’ further losses.

Margin Call is the first warning to inform the investor that his/her margin account value is declining to a certain percentage level, and that the balance is no longer enough to support investor’s current open positions. Stop Out indicates that the equity in the margin account drops below the stop-out level set by Trade12, which shuts down all of the investor’s open trades. This is to control the risk of negative account balance.

Safety of Funds

Trade12 handles retail customer funds with the utmost security, held in segregated accounts across top global banks. Our company is also committed to full transparency, efficiency, and honesty, in order to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction.


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